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Advance Network

Advance your network with high performance network devices using Extreme Network and Sangfor Solution with Asiankom for your business modernization. Asiankom use Extreme Network hardwares together with Sangfor Firewall technology to cover & secured required environment. Configuration of switches from core switches to L2,L3,L4 switches as well as network AP to suit your needs. We recommend using Sangfor Solution such as Sangfor firewall with Web Application Firewall and WAN optimizer to have all around protection from all threats.

Network nodes are computer network devices which initiate, route, and terminate data communication. These are typically defined by network addresses, and may include hosts such as personal computers, phones and servers, as well as networking equipment such as routers and switches. It can be said that two such devices are networked because one device can exchange information with the other device, whether or not they have a direct connection to each other. In most cases, application-specific communication protocols are built onto other more common protocols of communication.


Extreme has been pushing networking technology limits, powered by a vision to make it easier and faster, as well as more agile and efficient. Their higher purpose has always been to help their clients interact beyond network strengthening their relationships.


Sangfor Technologies is a leading global IT infrastructure solutions company, specializing in cloud computing & network security with a wide range of products including: hyper-converged infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure, next-generation firewall, Internet access management, WAN optimization, SD-WAN and many more.

Firewall is a must when having an enterprise business that need to protect from outsider. To prevent threats from various source over network, a firewall must be install in the network to scan, monitor, capture and block unauthorized application, source and etc. Firewall will be the first layer defense of the network to prevent massive destruct to the whole network architecture.

Network Solution

Below are some of the brochure of the systems, brands and platform that we offered to meet your requirement.

Extreme Network

  1. Switch_X430-DS
  2. Switch_X440-G2-DS
  3. Switch_X460-DS
  4. Switch_X590-data-sheet
  5. Switch_X670-g2-data-sheet
  6. Switch_210-series-data-sheet
  7. Wireless Controller_Wireless-Controllers-DS
  8. extremeanalytics-data-sheet
  9. extremecloud-iq-data-sheet
  10. AP_3935ie-Indoor-Access-Point-DS
  11. AP WIFI6_305c-data-sheet
  12. AP WIFI6_410-data-sheet
  13. AP WIFI6_510c-slash-cx-data-sheet
  14. AP WIFI6_650-data-sheet AP_3805-DS

Sangfor Solution

  1. Sangfor Next Generation Application Firewall
  2. Sangfor WAN Optimization