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Healthcare Evolution

Evolution in healthcare management is a transformation from paper writing information into a system that cater most of the task needed in healthcare. A health information system (HIS) is in the simplest possible sense a device that records, stores, transmits or otherwise handles health data or activities. Such programs are used for gathering, sorting, using and recording health information. In addition, health knowledge can be used to guide policy-making and decision-making, analysis, and eventually health outcomes.

Health information systems consist of six key components, including:

  1. Resources – The legislative, regulatory, and planning structure necessary for the functionality of the program. It includes personnel, funding, support for logistics, information and communications technology (ICT), and collaboration processes within and between the six components.
  2. Indicators – A comprehensive range of metrics and related goals including inputs, outputs and outcomes, health determinants and measures of health status.
  3. Data Sources – including both population-based and institution-based data sources.
  4. Data Management – collection and storage, QA, processing and flow, and compilation and analysis.
  5. Information Products – data which has been analyzed and presented as actionable information.
  6. Dissemination and use – the process of making data available to decision-makers and facilitating the use of that information.

The healthcare sector depends on a vast amount of data to make patient care decisions, facilitate care delivery and manage the many complicated logistical activities behind the scenes. Health information systems are useful tools which help clinicians and administrative staff to ensure end-to-end seamless patient experience. Many benefits include:

  1. Data analytics
  2. Supports collaborative care
  3. Cost control
  4. Population health management
  5. Clinical decision support

Asiankom partnering with Sancy Berhad offer a state-of-the-art digital healthcare management solution that leverages Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology. It turns manual or semi-automated systems into a Hospital Information System (HIS) with full efficiency. Their primary goals are to redefine healthcare systems functionality; where they have the capacity to provide fantastic services to hospital management, physicians, nurses and the rest of the caregiver fraternity and to redefine the cost models involved with the adoption of technology by offering a flexible OPEX price model.

HIS Solution

Below are some of the brochure of the systems, brands and platform that we offered to meet your requirement.

Sancy Berhad

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